Montevecchio Isolani


the Family

famiglia Isolani

The history of the Isolani family is deeply intertwined with that of the city of Bologna, spanning centuries.

The Montevecchio estate was purchased on April 20, 1456, as evidenced by the deed still preserved in the family archives. The family’s palace was built in the mid-sixteenth century, incorporating a tower builted by Matilde di Canossa from the eleventh century.

The palace is located atop a hill, offering a breathtaking view of Bologna and the surrounding hills.

Inside, you can still find the original cellars carved into the rock in the late 1500s, now used for aging our finest wines.

Adjacent to the villa, in what were once the stables for cows and horses, you’ll find the current cellars for winemaking and the tasting room.

foto storica di Montevecchio

The Montevecchio Isolani Agricultural Company is currently owned by brothers Gualtiero and Francesco Cavazza Isolani, who share a passion for wine, horses, and vintage cars.

Francesco, a certified public accountant, manages the family’s properties and served as the President of the Consortium of Wines of the Colli Bolognesi for many years, through which he showcased our lands. Gualtiero, an agronomist, passionately oversees the management of the agricultural estates inherited from their mother, who tragically passed away when Gualtiero and Francesco were still children.

The two brothers have grown up, always remaining close, to preserve everything that the Cavazza Isolani family has built and passed down for generations. Gualtiero and Francesco are dedicated to preserving everything that the Cavazza Isolani family has built and passed down over the generations. Along with them, the new generation is continuing the story, the passion, and the excellence.