Montevecchio Isolani


the Winery

A passion that spans centuries...

The first cellars of Montevecchio were carved from rock at the end of the 16th century, during the construction of the Senatorial Palace, and have been safeguarding our wines ever since.

The entire process, from the vineyard to the bottle, is personally overseen by Gualtiero and his family.

The cellar

Tradition doesn’t mean old-fashioned, Our start-of-the-artequipment is designed to enhance the aromas and freshness of our grapes.

A soft press ensures the utmost care for white grapes during pressing, while the variable-speed crusher-destemmer allows the separation of red grapes from the stems without breaking the skins.

Barrels, fermentation tanks, and stainless-steel autoclaves ensure maximum hygiene and temperature control throughout all processing stages, preserving the original scents and flavors.

For the maturation of red wines, we use cement tanks.

In the oldest part of the cellar, you’ll find French oak barriques and tonneaux, where our finest red wines are refined.

Where it all begins: the vineyard

Our vineyards are situated at 210 meters above sea level on sedimentary clay-sandy soil, with a Northeast exposure.

We, along with our collaborators, take care of all stages of cultivation, from pruning to harvest.

Harvesting is carried out at the most suitable ripening point for each grape variety and each type of wine.

Since the 2015 harvest, the estate has been certified organic, with the prohibition of any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides, and the use of only natural products.

Our wines

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